Create a National Book Token design!

Your child can win a £10/€10 National Book Token for each of their classmates

Encourage your children to create a fabulous National Book Token design and they could return to school with National Book Tokens for all! Whether it’s their school crest doodled in ink, a pencil drawing of the entire class, or something completely different, we’ll choose one child’s design to put on a National Book Tokens gift card every week for seven weeks.

The young designer and their classmates will each receive a £10/€10 National Book Token – emblazoned with the winning artwork – to inspire them to choose their next favourite book from their local bookshop.

Closing date 28th June

Children on the coronavirus

We are inviting children to take part in a survey about their thoughts and experiences of the coronavirus pandemic. We aim to raise awareness of children’s views and to help influence how we as a society move forward in the wake of the pandemic.

The survey invites children to answer some questions about their views and experiences of the coronavirus. There is also a creative task, whereby children are invited to create a picture to reflect “The Coronavirus and My Life”. The picture is an optional part of the survey and you can also choose to do it at a later time.

Hayley Scott reading her Teacup House books

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