Children on the coronavirus

We are inviting children to take part in a survey about their thoughts and experiences of the coronavirus pandemic. We aim to raise awareness of children’s views and to help influence how we as a society move forward in the wake of the pandemic.

The survey invites children to answer some questions about their views and experiences of the coronavirus. There is also a creative task, whereby children are invited to create a picture to reflect “The Coronavirus and My Life”. The picture is an optional part of the survey and you can also choose to do it at a later time.

Open Dialogue Practices and Reflective Processes

A meeting place for anyone interested in Open Dialogue Practices and Reflective Processes. The first is based on the work in Finland related to Need Adapted Treatment and later developed by Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues into the Open Dialogue Approach. The second is based on the work of Tom Andersen and colleagues in Norway related to reflective teams and processes.

The Salisbury Centre

The Salisbury Centre is the longest established holistic centre in Edinburgh. It is a large Georgian house set in beautiful organic gardens that create a peaceful haven in the middle of the city.

Since 1973 we have offered educational courses, workshops and therapies for spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. The inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit, as symbolised in the Celtic Trine, is the foundation of our work and we believe that healings and growth arise naturally from this recognition.

Sources of Strength
Our mission is to provide the highest quality prevention for suicide,violence, and substance abuse by training, supporting and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their friendship networks and by using rigorous testing to maximize health and protection in the real world.