Online Island


I’m so excited, during this time of lockdown, we have been made to live life differently, we’re embracing this & have created something truly special

Many of you would normally go to a gym class, get your nails done, have your hair styled, see a therapist, attend college, see friends .. be out and about on your normal day/week/month

We are bringing it to you ONLINE for FREE

So far we have a

🏝Beauty expert giving demonstrations
🏖Pilates instructor running classes
🏝Personal trainer running sessions
🏖Zumba instructor running classes
🏝British sign language tutor teaching basics
🏖Hair stylist doing demonstrations
🏝A wellness coach/doctor giving advice
🏖A teacher giving home schooling tips
🏝A nurse coaching on reducing stress and mindset
🏖A nutritionist giving recipe ideas and tips

I’m sure we will have many more skilled people offering their services

This is available to all & great for the whole family – if you would like to tap into these amazing people for free, let me know & I’ll add you to my private group where I will run it from

See you all there islanders 😘