Free Cookery Advice Hotline!

Are you affected by Coronavirus and need a little help in the kitchen? Pick up the phone for free cookery help and advice where no question is too simple. From cooking techniques to help with unfamiliar ingredients, I’m here to help.

Please share if you think this is a good idea and get help to the people who need it!

Mental Health

A more sedentary lifestyle or the limits we face in terms of how we can exercise during this time may be a trigger for those with eating disorder or body image histories, many of whom enjoy keeping a busy lifestyle and may feel anxious about a change to routine.

Also, for anyone else! The media has a favourite subject at the moment but as we settle in to our new Netflix and self-isolate lifestyles we shall no doubt encounter all the usual stuff we’ve all grown used to trying to ignore in the interest of maintaining a healthy relationship with our physical selves.

So I am going to take this opportunity to promote to any and all the beautiful What’s Underneath project. This is just one video, there are many you’ll find on the YouTube channel focussing on all people of all different identities and experiences…I encourage you to explore.

These videos are nourishing in the truest sense of the word. They are grounding and raw and truthful and to me they ooze connection and I can not recommend them enough.

Some videos should perhaps come with a trigger warning for others mental health issues/traumas.

Yoga resources

Yoga From The Heart Dumfries

Yoga from the heart Dumfries aims to teach Hatha yoga to adults of all ages . Enabling the elderly and those with dementia and their carers to participate.


A useful app – free until April 1st.

A half hour lesson from Susan Neal

A half hour yoga stretch with Laurie KCR Blair

Online Mindfullness training

Hi everyone! I’m based in Normal, IL, USA, and just went through a yoga breathing training (from this guy: ) I plan to hop on FB live here every couple of days to lead us through various breathing techniques plus a meditation/visualization at the end: my small contribution to reducing stress levels and boosting our immune system. If I figure it out, I think we can make it an event in advance?

Very glad for the internet: physical distancing doesn’t mean socially isolated. ❤️

ADD: did this on my biz page talking about what I can offer online (being a massage therapist, my main mode of interaction and income is moot for a while 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Online mindfulness every day at 7pm…

DCR Online

DCR Online will continue to broadcast from the grounds of the Crichton. If there is any news and/or info you would like us to share, please feel free to get in touch with me.

If you would like to come into the studio and tell a story, sing a song or chat about a project you are undertaking, we will do our best to accommodate you. Happy to chat to anyone who is interested. For the rest of you, why not listen to the best mix of music, community news and great banter. Stream via or download the app for free from the app store. Also available if you download the skill via your Amazon Alexa.