Online Games from Stuart Rodger

“Here are some options for people who might not normally play games. I will try to keep them lo-fi, free (or very cheap) and accessible (and I will add more as I think of them)”

Required: an imagination, one person willing to run the game
Preferred: a microphone, a rulebook

Dungeons and Dragons is a group storytelling game where you conceive of, create and act out a single character. If that sounds scary there is no reason you couldn’t base your character on another fictional (or historical, or etc) person. All of the players each acts out their own character, and with the help of a few dice rolls creates a story together in a world with one individual called the “Game Master” (kind of like a referee/supporting cast/lead writer/group therapist). There could be monsters to slay, criminals to track down, or mustachioed dudes who definitely were not secretly the villain all along.

D&D can be played online for free at places like and there are places where complete strangers try to group up and play like Much better with a microphone, but you could also try to find whats called a ‘play by post’ which is a purely written form of playing the game.

Required: blob
Preferred: blob

You are a blob. You blob about and try to blob other blobs to be the biggest blob. Also you can blob with friends!


As above but with snakes. Like the old nokia phone game. Still pretty simple but slightly more to this one.


Required: a smart phone
Preferred: 1 person willing to spend some €/£/$

Subterfuge is a kind of strategy game. Its also a sort of social wargame. You grab territory, mine resources and fling flotillas of submarines at your neighbors. The thing is doing anything in Subterfuge takes ages. Actual hours. So you check your phone a few times a day, see what’s going on, and maybe ask your neighbour, “hey, where are those subs going? Maybe lets be cool yeah? If we start fighting that’s going to be really good for Kelly”. Meanwhile you message Kelly “Lets team up, I think we could take him”. You get the idea.

The game plays out for about a week and I have heard it can get sort of Game of Thrones-esque in the wheeling, dealing and backstabbing. Chaos is a ladder and all that. So maybe not one for everyone.


Preferred: Microphone

Its pictionary. Draw the thing. Everyone else tries to guess the thing. Tried, true and proven. Better with a microphone (everything is better with a microphone).

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Required: €/£/$ (about £10 in my region), a microphone
Preferred: Nerves of steel

This one is a true co-operative game. One person sees only the bomb. Everyone else sees only the instructions on how to disarm the bomb. You have to work together to do just that under a time limit. A simple concept, and very fun. Basically requires a microphone though.…/Keep_Talking_and…/

Learn a new song!

Is singing or playing and instrument your thing?

We’re a small Dumfries based charity that tries to find ways to make the world a nicer place to live and thrive. The latest campaign we’ve launched is called Begin With A Grin and it’s to try and generate more community spirit by encouraging people to mix with those that they might normally not cross paths with. I know we can’t do that in person right now but we have all the music recorded in separate parts so that people can learn online; also the transcription for people who want to put their own spin on it. It’s a bit tongue in cheek tune wise, really catchy and the message is about looking up from our phones/ feet once in a while and actually connecting with other humans instead.

All the resources are here.

It would be fantastic to have loads of different versions uploaded (video or audio) and get folks singing. If you do a verion please tag it #BeginWithAGrin 🙂 but feel free to just learn it and sing it in the shower if that’s your bag!

For more info drop me a line –

Thank you!